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About Us

We are a multi-generational Texas-women owned and operated East Texas winery. We are dedicated to making tasteful wines and sharing our Texas legacy.

More Than Wine

Triple N Ranch Winery

Triple N Winery is pleased to showcase three generations of Texas heritage through our ranch and winery. We are proud to bring wines that capture the spirit and the sophistication of the Texas ranch lifestyle.

The Triple N brand is named for Nan Creel, the matriarch of the Ranch and Winery Family, her daughter, Nan Michelle, and her daughter, Nan Christina. The senior Nan started raising purebred Texas Longhorns in the ’80’s at her Henderson County ranch. In 2020, Nan Michelle opened the Triple N Ranch Winery, specializing in high quality Texas wines. They are excited to offer a multi-generational Texas-women owned and operated East Texas winery showcasing the best Texas grown grapes and wines.

Please plan to visit our winery on your next trip to the beautiful East Texas Cedar Creek Lake area. We hope you will enjoy our hand-crafted wines with good food and in moderation. We toast life, love and friendship. 

8th Generation Texan

Triple N Ranch Winery

New to the Texas wine industry, but a lifelong wine enthusiast spent enjoying wines and visiting vineyards around the world, Nan Michelle Anderson owns and operates the Triple N Ranch Winery. Studying Viticulture & Enology from Grayson College, she combines her education with over 30 years volunteer experience and brings with her a background in business management, marketing, event planning and public relations. Michelle continues to pivot and diversify her skillset with the changing trends while valuing community outreach, sponsorship and collaboration in a business model.

As an 8th generation Texan (and the only girl amidst 8 brothers) her childhood was filled with trips to see family all over the great state of Texas, but mostly in the beloved Hill Country. As an adult/mom/grandmother she enjoys escaping from the city and spending time with her mom on the matriarch’s longhorn ranch that includes a 2000 bottle cellar on the private property. When the opportunity arose to build Triple N Ranch Winery, she took the bull by the horns (pun intended) and created a hospitable space right in the heart of the property, converting a 30 year-old barn and planting vines.

The unique, welcoming and rustic environment is the perfect setting to enjoy handcrafted wines that capture the spirit and the sophistication of the Texas ranch lifestyle.

Nan Michelle Anderson owns and operates the Triple N Ranch Winery.

We Make Wine

The people that make this possible

Pam Jackson
Vineyard Maintenance
Lisa Stern
General Manager
Richard S. Anderson, M.D.
Managing Partner

Richard is in charge of making sure that all of our executive operations run smoothly and efficiently. He oversees and co-manages all operations of the winery while practicing full time as chair of general surgery at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas.

Richard S. Anderson, II, MBA
Managing Partner

Texan by birth Italian by marriage. After graduating from Vanderbilt, Richard worked at a vineyard in Verona, Italia for 3 years while pursuing a graduate degree. He brings a wealth of knowledge and understands the complex qualities of a good wine. He looks forward to introducing a number of Italian varietals to the Triple N brand.

Justin Brook
Resident artist/ music booker
Wendy & Pat Blanchard
Wine Club Managers
Branding, P.R., Social Media and Photographer
Kelsey McLaren
Social Media

Our Wine Selection