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Triple N Winery is pleased to showcase three generations of Texas heritage through our ranch and winery. We are proud to bring wines that capture the spirit and the sophistication of the Texas ranch lifestyle.

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Tasting room now open.  RESERVATION REQUIRED | Fridays 4pm-7pm,  Saturdays 11am-5pm and Sundays 11am-4pm

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Available 2021!
ABV: 14.6%
Bottle: $31
Vintage: 2019
Appellation: Texas High Plains


Texas Sangiovese that is fruit forward as its Italian name implies.  So to say ‘fruit-forward’ is better. This particular wine tastes of clove-spice and cherries; it’s like drinking Christmas. Hints of oregano in the aftertaste make this wine taste 100% savory from start to finish. Pairs perfectly with Italian food.