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Triple N Winery is pleased to showcase three generations of Texas heritage through our ranch and winery. We are proud to bring wines that capture the spirit and the sophistication of the Texas ranch lifestyle.

We are open Fridays 4pm-7pm, Saturdays 11am-5pm and Sundays 11am-4pm

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Triple N Ranch Winery

ArticleTriple N Ranch Winery Celebrates Family, Wine, and Food

Triple N Ranch Winery Celebrates Family, Wine, and Food

Triple N Winery longhornsTriple N Ranch Winery will swing open its gates for the first time this weekend. The winery, located on the southwestern edge of the Cedar Creek Lake reservoir in Trinidad, is a new pursuit for Dallas residents Michelle (aka Nan Michelle) Anderson and her husband Dr. Richard Anderson. They want the winery to be a gathering place where their extended family and the East Texas community can celebrate great Texas wine and food.

The N’s in the Triple N Ranch Winery name refer to three generations of Texas women: Nan, Nan Michelle, and Nan Christina. The women are 7th, 8th, and 9th generation Texans respectively. Nan Creel is the family matriarch and grew up in Fredericksburg. She and her husband Ed raised award-winning longhorn cattle on the 140-acre Triple N Ranch starting in the 1980s. They still live at the ranch and enjoy the 2,000-bottle wine cellar that has been curated over the years.

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